Howard Smith

Guitar Repair Specialist


Some of problems that I can help with are detailed below - please contact me for other work not listed.

Vintage Fender amp owners - I now renovate and upgrade old 60s and 70s Fender valve amplifiers. Please contact me for more details and have a look at the amplifier photos on my Repair Photos page.


  • Get your instrument set up just the way you like it
  • Different playing styles require slightly different set ups
  • Even brand new instruments can benefit from a professional set up
  • Get a nice low action but without the string buzz
  • Worn frets can be levelled and re-profiled


  • Badly grooved frets create fret buzz, intonation problems and can make your guitar really hard to play
  • Give your worn-out guitar a new lease of life

Electrical and Rewiring

  • Replace that crackling or intermittent switch, jack socket or pot
  • Get new sounds with new pickup combinations
  • Microphonic pickups will squeal uncontrollably at volume but hot waxing can cure this problem

Machinehead replacement

  • Say goodbye to tuning misery!
  • Original looks but with modern performance

Headstock and neck repairs

  • All but the most extreme damage can be repaired
  • Save your precious instrument from the great guitar graveyard