Howard Smith

Guitar Repair Specialist

Repair Prices

Basic set up with light fret dressing - All new instruments will benefit from this
Acoustic or electric £60
Full Set up with fret levelling, dressing and polishing
Acoustic or electric £80
Make and fit new bone or grapite top nut
6 String £30
8 or 12 String £50
Refrets including full set up and new nut
Unbound fingerboard £200
Bound fingerboard £200
Maple fingerboard with re-lacquering £225
Partial refret - replacement of up to 10 frets £100
Cracked or broken headstocks and necks
All instruments from £100
Electrical and Wiring (not including cost of parts)
New selector switch from £25
Pickup, pots or jack socket replacement from £25
Pickup wax potting £20 per pickup

Please ring or email for prices of work not listed above

Repair prices from 1st January 2024

Workshop charges based on an hourly rate of £30 per hour